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Monk Camp
The hpyu were the crown of Vedic culture. They lived and breathed the eight-fold yoga system. A towering achievment to potential evolution of mankind. They woke up with prayer-meditation. Their day stayed that way in prayer-meditation from Dhanda walks, Yoga asanas, the preparation of their food, to Min Zin meditation before bed. These camps help experience a taste of that lifestyle.



Greetings Bando Family,

Scheduled for May 2nd through 4th, the Spring 2014 Bando Monk Camp will begin at 12:00 noon on Friday and will conclude at noon on Sunday. The setting for this year’s event, again, will be the picturesque Camp Letts location just outside Annapolis, Maryland. Our camp theme is "Seeking Salubrity," which suggests that we will explore methods to promote healthful living. Several sessions are planned that will focus on restorative fitness, Min Zin, self-defense techniques, yoga drills, and other approaches. Monk staff training will be included and strategies for advanced monk practitioners seeking new skills.

The Agápē Avoidance, Fertile Ground, Natures Promise, and other forms will be covered, as well as various yoga-based drills. Advanced techniques and applications will be covered for those practitioners with a basic knowledge of the Circle Form. Time will be devoted to reviewing and enhancing monk staff drills and forms. This will be a rigorous agenda with the intent of sharing as many dimensions of the Monk System as possible.

Attached is a brief summary of Bando's Monk System that should help with questions about participant requirements, as well as information on camp fees and objectives. The attached registration form is 'fillable' for persons who have full versions of Adobe Acrobat (reader versions—which are free to download—can be used only for reading documents). Simply complete the form online and post it back to my email address. If reader versions are used, you will need to print the document, fill it out by hand, and mail it to me (Dr. Winborne).

Practitioners attending the camp should bring cushions, yoga mats, or blankets for meditation and indoor yoga/fitness sessions. Also, meditation beads, Indian clubs and Min Zin stones should be brought along to the camp, if practitioners already have these items.

Feel free to contact me (410.869.7979) or Fredi Prevost (202.270.0100) if you have any questions about the event.

We are looking forward to the Spring 2014 Monk Camp in Maryland and hope to see you at the event!


Duvon G. Winborne, Ph.D.

Monk System Director

















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