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Location, Dates and Times
Mountain Hollow Store
132 Walnut St, Friendsville, Md. 21531
  Thursdays -5:00         Saturdays -10:00    

     Objectives: by the end of the session the students will be able to

  • identify and activate the three critical areas along the spine responsible for structural integrity. 
  • demonstrate how to generate energy through the body, coordinating breath and movement in a fluid manner from posture to posture,  utilizing those three zones.


This class will focus on activating the muscles along the back of the spine, to energize the chakras with prana, and how to develop the flow of the energy pathways in the body. Hanthawaddy Yoga has a unique breathing pattern, combined with specific body movements, as it flows from posture to posture.

We will be using 4’ & 6’ staffs, 2 person stretches, and yoga with a rope to prepare the body for the postures and develop
the alignment of the spine through the neck, in between the shoulder blades and the lower back.

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Private Class: $40 to $100 / session depending on size of class  

Letha Yoga:    $100/hr.

For more info call: 240-321-8890 or email


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